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Gross and net wages

Graphic representation of the difference between gross and net earnings for the current and previous year. Track how your earnings are transformed through visual tracking of your tax and contribution burden.

Trade union consumer basket

SPK includes the living expenses of a four-member household - two adults and two school-age children, i.e. one ten-year-old attending primary school and one fifteen-year-old attending secondary school.

Costs of food products 605.00
Current household maintenance costs 105.00
Imputed rent costs 350.00
Housing and utilities costs 235.00
Costs of clothes 100.00
Costs of purchasing personal hygiene and health care products 135.00
Transportation costs 100.00
Costs of education and culture 100.00
Sports and recreation costs 70.00
Costs of a seven-day vacation 100.00
1900.00 euros

Inflation rate

Graphical visualization of the dynamics and trends of the inflation rate over time in Montenegro provides a detailed insight into price fluctuations of products and services.

Minimum wages

The display of minimum wages in Montenegro for the current and previous year allows insight into changes in workers' incomes during the period.


Through the graph, you can view the dynamics of the minimum pension, the average pension and the number of pensioners in Montenegro for the months of this and the previous year. Using the filter you can select the desired graph for detailed information.

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Through the graphs you can explore relevant employment and unemployment data. We monitor the number of employed and unemployed, as well as employment and unemployment rates in order to provide insight into the dynamics of the labor market in Montenegro. Using the filter you can select the desired graph for detailed information.

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Fuel prices

Follow the dynamics of oil prices and various oil derivatives such as BMB 98, BMB 95, Eurodiesel and fuel oil via the graph. By following this data, you get an insight into the price changes of these key oil products during a certain period.

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